A Million Days of Happiness

And then a million more

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A Place to Share the Things that Make You Happy
The world has a lot of darkness in it right now. Let’s bring it some light!

Many of you are doing the 100 Days of Happiness meme ("You're meant to take a picture every day for one hundred days of something that makes you happy! - That's the challenge!")--here is a community in which you may share these posts and spread the happiness even further. Or, you can just share something when the mood strikes.

You can post pictures, screencaps, videos, gifs, whatever. You can even just write a description of the thing, but please do illustrate it somehow with some kind of image, because here we like the pretty!

We will also have at least two weekly events: a Throwback Thursday event in which you post a picture of something that once brought you a lot of happiness--maybe a cherished childhood toy, your favorite band from high school, your youthful obsessions--and Future Tuesday, where you can post about something you would like to have in your life that you believe would make you happy. Some people say doing so can help attract these things into your life! WHO KNOWS, MAYBE IT’LL HAPPEN. (And if it does, you have to come and tell us all about it!)

The only rule is, be nice. What makes someone else happy might not be what makes you happy, but as long as it makes happiness, it’s all good and we love it. Just put anything questionable (spoilers, political opinions, anything someone might find disturbing even if it’s something you enjoy, such as horror or porn) behind an lj spoiler cut with a note as to the general kind of thing readers will find if they click.


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